Project MARC (Medical Assistance to Remote Communities) ….


…. is a non-profit organization that has worked closely with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health for the past ten years to bring accessible and sustainable medical services to many isolated communities of rural Vanuatu

While operating in Samna province, the Beachfront Resort has served as a de facto headquarters and staging site for the organization

Thanks to the generous support of Dave Cross and Dave Carman plus the Beachfront Resort team, Project MARC has launched multiple expeditions into the rural areas of Espiritu Santo

While in Santo, Project MARC has had many successful endeavors including the construction of village aid posts, training of local health care workers, assessing of health needs in rural communities, and providing direct medical care

The organization has worked with local communities and the Ministry of Health to construct a dispensary on the West Coast of the island as well as conduct midwife training in Big Bay

Teams of healthcare providers, construction specialists, and adventurous sailors from around the world use a fleet of volunteer yachts to reach Project MARC’s target communities

The beautiful anchorage at the Beachfront serves as a rendezvous point for participating expedition vessels, and the Resort’s grounds are a comfortable and convenient home base for pre-departure briefings and training, indeed, many volunteers have grown to view the Beachfront as a second home

After spending a few rugged weeks in the bush, the resort’s outstanding amenities and accommodation are a welcome respite for expedition participants

The flagship of the project is the Alvei, a three masted, steel boat, based in New Zealand