Resort Development

Since the resort was purchased in 2005, we’ve added 21 rooms including the Starfish Lodge, a new bar and restaurant, The Coolidge Bar & Grill, reception and office, swimming pool, fencing and perimeter walls and gates to increase security and reduce outside noise

Our swimming pool is proving to be very popular with all our visitors and locals alike

The pathway from the car park to the beach has also been finished and as well as assisting resort guests it’ll help the cruising yachts with provisioning and access.

An avenue of palms and planter boxes has been added along the path and are growing well

We’ve also renovated all 6 of the original rooms with complete make over’s including air conditioning and new bathrooms

We’ve filled and landscaped the beachside lawns and in our nursery have many palms and plants for future planting and use around the resort

Our latest major project was sealing the car park and constructing colourfull planter boxes around the perimeter so we now have secure, gated parking for our guests

We have a strong belief in the future for tourism in Sanma Province and as the industry is a major employer of Ni-Vanuatu people and the major foreign income earner for the country, we fully intend to continue our vigorous expansion programme

Three of the original Dolphin ocean view rooms built when the property was purchased have been completely renovated including adding the high pitched roof that adds a tremendous feeling of space and room inside