On The Land


Visit the Vatthe and Loru Conservation areas for great walking and easy trekking

There is an abundance of orchids, butterflies, huge banyan trees and astonishing rainforest ecology in this northern sanctuary

Vatthe has camping facilities and a fabulous black sand beach

A memorial to Pedro Quiros, the first European to discover Vanuatu in May 1606, is located on the beach near Vatthe Conservation area

Venture into the amazing pristine jungle for adventure activities, such as 3 to 5 night trek into the mountainous rainforest of the west coast

Stay in villages that few non-indigenous people have visited, live the simple, unsophisticated existence of the bush people

Check out Wrecks to Rainforest

Custom Life

Espiritu Santo’s ni-Vanautu (of Vanuatu) tour operators can take you too many remote villages where life is still very fundamental

See colourful custom dress, primitive lifestyle, abundant gardens

Get caught up with the rhythm of the dancers and the sound of ancient drums beating

Watch the ladies preparing, dying and weaving their incredible clothes, mats and baskets

Join the men in the preparation and drinking our traditional drink – kava

Listen and learn as they recount their ancient folklore and draw their legends in the sand

The Beachfront team can give you information and contacts for these remarkable adventures or contact our local information centre


Visit the majestic Millennium Cave

A medium to hard trek to the village then an incredible journey to the cave where the fun begins

Bamboo ladders and walkways, dark caves, stunning stalactites and deep canyons make this a ‘must do’ for the adventuresome visitor to Espiritu Santo

Finish the trek by floating down a river to a beautiful waterfall

Explore the big bat cave at Freshwater Plantation on Aore Island and discover how chocolate and coffee are grown or take an Island Safari

Blue Holes

Experience the spectacular image of crystal clear water that has percolated up from natural springs through layers of limestone giving it an amazing azure colour

A great way to finish off a tour to Port Orly or Champagne beach with a refreshing swim in the cooler fresh water

Horse Riding

Enjoy the spectacular scenery with Santo Horse Adventures from pony rides to full day trekking

Experience the peace and tranquility of the East Coast Santo seashore, plantations and rainforest

Swim with your horse and enjoy the warm aquamarine South Pacific waters


James Michener wrote Tales of the South Pacific while stationed on Espiritu Santo and Pappy Boyington joined up with the Black Sheep Squadron operating from the island

Bomber missions operated from one of the three bomber fields through much of the war but as the major fronts moved north, away from Vanuatu, the focus switched to maintenance and repair as well as a base for strategic command

Espiritu Santo was a supply base and this meant that there was always plenty of good food and warm beer

Bloody Mary was a real person and a hero of the enlisted men

She supplied local women and cheap booze for Yankee dollars, she was Tonkinese and lived in Luganville until the 1990’s

The importance of the base during the war can still be seen in the infrastructure that is left behind with many buildings and facilities built during the war still being used today

Our current international airport was originally built by the US military forces as a bomber base known as Bomber 2

Beachfront Resort is built on the site of a small boat base

Local tour operators can show you the remains of bombers, old airfields, Million Dollar Point and much of the infrastructure built by the allied forces

Dave Cross at the resort has a WW2 power point presentation that he’s always ready to show and it takes about 40 minutes – contact Dave in reception

On The Water

Scuba Diving

Dive the 200 metre long SS President Coolidge renowned as the most accessible shipwreck in the world  with one of our four local dive operators

Talk to Dave Cross for very enthusiastic suggestions and advice on the fantastic local diving

There are many different dives available on the wrecks, from easy beginner’s adventures to the serious deep, penetration decompression dives

The waters surrounding our islands also have spectacular reef diving and more wrecks, the USS Tucker, an American destroyer, Million Dollar Point, location of American war surplus dumped into the ocean, MV Dedele plus many stunning coral reefs and exotic fish life

Most dive operators pick up and return to the resort



Beachfront Resort has single and double sit on kayaks for fun travel around the shores of Segond Channel and experience our pristine rivers

Explore the tranquil waters of the Sarakata River and as you pass local communities keep a look out for the kids playing in the shallows and pristine bush 

We also have standup paddle boards

Life jackets are available if required, including kids sizes


Snorkel at Million Dollar Point where the Americans dumped massive amounts of war surplus in 1945

Bulldozers, forklifts, shipwrecks – it has the lot including great corals and fish life

Go snorkeling with the divers if you don’t scuba dive, if there’s room on the boats you’re always welcome to visit the pristine reefs

We have some snorkeling available near the resort on a old, wrecked island trader – the visibility’s not always perfect but the water’s warm and shallow

Complimentary snorkeling equipment is available